The industrial revolution followed by a logical revolution all over the world have changed our total concept of education. Born out of necessity is the concept of technical education which goes beyond liberation of minds of the seekers of this knowledge or society to which he/she has a social contact. The new horizons are national prosperity through application of technical knowledge Committed to serve the needs of the society at large by imparting. state of the art Engineering & Non Engineering education to provide knowledge & develop Attitude, Skills & Values leading to establishment of quality conscious & sustainable research oriented education. The institute is aimed to prepare a class of scholars & professionals with ingrained human values, adequately equipped with enviable competencies & dedicated to the advancement of society through preservation, creation & application of knowledge in the emerging global. The institute has set its mission to achieve its vision of developing the youth to become highly competent & versatile professional in the context of the leading industry by quality consideration & intense competition.

The mission is to:-

1)To develop a talent pool with the competence to take on the challenges of the present & future & preparing today’s student for tomorrow’s opportunities.

2)TO facilitate improvement in quality & quantity of individual contribution & provide a congenial work environment .

3)To encourage & initiate with all possible Speed programs for the training of technically skilled personnel on a scale adequate to fulfill the industries needs.

4)To encourage individual initiative for the acquisition & dissemination of knowledge & for the discovery of new knowledge in an atmosphere of academic freedom .

5)In general to secure for the people of country all the benefits that can accrue from the acquisition & application of technical knowledge.

iti, rawaldhi