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                                                            The Craftsmen Training Scheme was introduced by the Government of India in 1950 to ensure a steady flow of skilled workers in different trades for the domestic Industry, to raise quantitatively and qualitatively the industrial production by systematic training, to reduce unemployment among the educated youth by providing them employable skilled training, to cultivate and nurture technical and industrial attitude in the minds of the younger generation. The scheme, the most important in the field of Vocational Training has been shaping craftsman to meet the existing as well as future manpower need, through the vast network of ITI in the various state/ Union territories in the country.The Govt. Industrial Training Institute, Rawaldhi was established in 2010.For More....


          The industrial revolution followed by a logical revolution all over the world have changed our total concept of education. Born out of necessity is the concept of technical education which goes beyond liberation of minds of the seekers of this knowledge or society to which he/she has a social contact. Fore More...


         All great ideas begin with a commitment to the future. The vision gives you the impulse to make the picture of your own. Aim of the holistic education is to inculcate this vision into a student. This is perhaps the most crucial phase of life where the marks we leave at every small scratch & impression play a decisive role in molding one’s personality. For More....

Principal's Message

     It is my pleasure to welcome you to Govt. ITI Rawaldhi where our mission is to provide you with the best of infrastructure & academic platform, where you will excel not only in academic but also in various other facets of life which are required to bloom, in today’s competitive world. For More....

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3254 Main Street Canada
+1 123 546 7890
+1 123 546 7890


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